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Our belief is people development is the most valuable investment that you can make in yourself and your business, and our purpose is to collaborate with our clients, empowering them with the mindset, knowledge and skills for transformational change, delivering exceptional personal and business growth. 


Sals and Marketing Training

We help individuals, teams and organisations achieve sustainable growth through building long-lasting sales and marketing capabilities that live beyond our interventions.  

Team Building and Coaching

We help you and your team align on your strategic priorities and goals, building the right mindset, behaviours and  a culture of accountability where everyone owns the plan. 

Personal Development Coaching

We help individuals gain clarity on their goals to achieve their potential. Coaching specialisms - Leadership, strategy and planning, career, confidence, resilience and work-life balance. 


Training and coaching experts helping you achieve sustainable personal and business growth

We are a boutique training and coaching organisation with experts based in Surrey with over 25 years experience in sales & marketing leadership, coaching and capability building. We're here to help businesses, teams and individuals achieve their potential.   

Our red thread strategy approach links every workshop, training intervention, 1:1 personal coaching and change programme with your priority goals to unlock and embed the critical capabilities required for transformational change.  

Training alone does not drive change

You've identified a gap, you've run a training course or launched a new initiative and when everyone has gone back to the day job, nothing changes. Sound familiar?   

Our Red Thread 5 steps to growth approach is to work with you to deliver more than training and align, inspire and empower your people through building the right culture, mindset and capabilities to achieve sustainable change. 

Capability building that sticks

When working with us you will experience a unique partnership that delivers not only training but capability building for long-term business growth.

How do we do this?

  • We collaborate with you to complete a thorough analysis of your capability building  needs
  • We co-create a measurement of what goods look like and your return on investment 
  • We co-develop solutions with you to ensure they are delivered with purpose 
  • We coach you and your teams  to embed learnings and capabilities for long-term success

How we measure your return on investment

We know that return on investment is at the forefront of our clients minds. Measurement of change is a key step in all of our workshops, coaching and change programmes and we work with you from the outset to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be measured to assess the progress of our work with you and the impact on your business and people in the following months and years.  

The top 10 questions to answer before starting your sales & marketing plan

Building a marketing plan, can be time-consuming, however it is time well spent, helping you to become more targeted, effective, productive and competitive. A well thought through marketing plan is essential to focus your activities in the right place and attract the right customers for business growth. To give you a head start, here at Red Thread Strategies, we have put together a handy free guide to the top10 key questions to ask before starting your marketing plan. 

Our 5 top tips to building a customer engagement plan online

Customers are astute and well-rehearsed on researching and seeking information, solutions and value beyond the product in the minimum number of clicks online. In our increasingly hectic world where the fast demand for information is expected, time is of the essence where your customer is looking for answers in one or maybe two clicks. Think about a time where you have been searching online for a product, solution or information - how long were you willing to keep keep clicking to find the right solution? 

In this guide, we look at how putting yourself in the shoes of your customer and mapping their decision making and buying journey is critical to strengthening your customer engagement and standing out from the rest through providing fast solutions, messages that inspire and value beyond the product.

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