Delivering the right products, to the right customers at the right time 


Customers are astute and well-rehearsed on researching and seeking information, solutions and value beyond the product in the minimum number of clicks online.  In our increasingly hectic world where the fast demand for information is expected, time is of the essence where your customer is looking for  answers in one or maybe two clicks. Think about a time that you've been searching online for a product, solution or information, how long have you been willing to keep clicking to find the right solution for you?   

In this workshop, we look at how putting yourself in the shoes of your customer and mapping their decision making and buying journey is critical to ensuring that you provide fast solutions and value beyond the product.

You will learn the three pillars to creating competitive brand experiences

  • Relevance- creating personalised experiences across the full customer buying journey
  • Consistency – providing every customer at every moment with a consistent brand identity
  • Creativity – How to stand out from the crowd and communicate your unique offering 

Customer engagement planning puts you firmly in the shoes of your customer, helping you to build meaningful marketing communications delivered through the right resources at the right time to inspire and delight your customers to engage with you. 

Workshop objectives

This programme will help participants to:

·         Understand the evolution of the customer buying journey

·         Learn how to map a customer buying journey for your brand or solutions

·         Understand the customer micro-moments and signals indicating interest and buying intent online and offline

·         Apply the psychology of branding to build marketing communications with impact

·         Develop sales & marketing content differentiating your brand/s from the competition through demonstrating unique value and how you can solve your customer’s needs

Who should attend?

This practical course is suitable for sales and marketing professionals at all levels who are looking for new ideas and frameworks to communicate and differentiate their brand/s from the competition.


A very practical, interactive one-day session ideally for a maximum group size of 12. There are lots of different activities throughout the day where participants will work with their own examples to build a customer engagement plan that can be taken back to their business and implemented immediately.

Delivering Training for Purpose

The majority of the training we deliver is either tailored or completely bespoke. This workshop can therefore be delivered entirely as advertised, or it can be tailored to your particular requirements, or we can simply take it as a starting point for a conversation with you before we draft a completely bespoke programme for you – the choice is yours.

Expert trainer

Marie is a highly experienced commercial training and coaching expert with over 25years experience in sales & marketing leadership, capability building and coaching within the pharmaceutical sector.

Delivering training for purpose is Marie's passion, where her aim is to engage and energise her clients, helping them to build the learning mindset, skills and behaviours required to achieve their goals at an individual, team or organisation level.

Combining her commercial knowledge with her training, mentoring and coaching skills, Marie is an agile workshop facilitator who will confidently lead delegates from apprentice to C-Suite level through a clear and memorable learning journey that can be implemented immediately with actionable success measurements when they return to their desks.

Workshop outline

1    The evolution of the customer journey

  • Understand how the use of mobile has had an impact on the customer buying journey where today’s customers can research and compare products and solutions whenever and wherever they like, making the purchase journey even less linear.
  • Explore how marketers are adapting to this new customer behaviour and drawing upon various strategies to win the hearts and minds of their audiences.

2    The See-Think-Do-Care Framework

  • Explore the many different frameworks to track the customer journey.
  • Understand and apply the modern marketing model, where the internet has enabled the customer to hop between multiple touchpoints before making a purchase decision.

3    Customer micro-moments and signals in their buying journey

  • Understand the online and offline moments where customers seek information to research and make buying decisions
  • Apply how to build a marketing communication plan to reach customers at all stages of their buying journey

4    The role of branding in the customer journey

  • Explore the psychology of branding
  • Learn how to ensure your branding is relevant to your target customer needs
  • Bring together your brand value and story to achieve brand loyalty

5    The Why-How-What Framework

  • Apply a systematic approach to build a successful and compelling brand
  • Understand how starting with why will build your brand purpose
  • Apply the content marketing matrix to communicate your brands value
  • Apply the hero-help-hub model to build engaging content marketing

6    Actionable Outcomes

We will use your brand examples to provide opportunities for practice

  • You will learn and reflect on best practice examples of customer engagement
  • You will discover your brand value, purpose and the sweetspot to drive engagement with your customers
  • You will create a customer engagement plan that can be implemented immediately within your business
  • You will receive immediate feedback on your customer engagement plan
  • You will have the opportunity to share common issues with fellow sales and marketing delegates



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