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Have you wanted to explore business coaching but you are worried about the time and investment required?

Through joining our quarterly group business coaching sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn new business skills, meet like-minded business owners and have a focussed business planning session every 3 months to keep your plans alive and develop new strategies for growth.

Group coaching is a great opportunity to be a part of a supportive business community, where you can extend your network, test new ideas and tap into the power of group thinking to find solutions to your challenges.  

Group Business Coaching

Quarterly Business Planning

When focussing on the day to day running of a business, it is often difficult to find the time to reflect and pin-point the key areas and actions requiring attention.

The quarterly business planning sessions are your opportunity to invest quality time into building and reviewing your business goals, developing and testing your ideas for growth and maintaining momentum of your growth plans through the year.  Through group coaching, you have a  supportive environment where we share our extensive corporate experience with you to build your growth plans with actionable strategies that you can implement  immediately within your business.

What to expect:

  • Development of your business and personal goals 
  • Prioritisation of quarterly strategies for growth 
  • Sales and marketing tactics for growth
  • How to measure success

Business Skills Training

Have you had to outsource areas within your business due to a lack of knowledge? Or you may be seeking to upskill in certain areas, however don't have the time to do an intensive course. 

As part of the quarterly business planning sessions, we cover key topics and resources on the 5 steps to business growth and you have access to online training micro-bursts to learn in the comfort of your own home and ready made templates for immediate use. 

We understand that time is always a challenge and our approach is to support you with fast-paced learning that you can implement immediately within your business.

What to expect:

  • Growth mind-set and goal setting
  • Business finance health strategies
  • How to build a sales & marketing plan
  • How to lead a winning team for  growth

The Red Thread 5 steps to business growth

Red Thread Coaching

Through the Red Thread coaching for growth programme, you will learn business and sales & marketing strategies to reach and excite your ideal customers and how to implement your plan to achieve your next level business growth.

5 Steps to growth

  • Business planning for growth
  • Finance health strategies
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Digital marketing implementation
  • Building a winning team

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