Building a team culture of exploration, action and high performance 


People performing at the top of their game or career have coaches. Whether you are Tiger Woods or the CEO of an organisation, your coach is a key member of your team to hold a mirror up and identify the incremental changes that can help you to perform at your best. However the further you go down the chain of command, the less coaching occurs and more telling style leadership can come into play.

Coaching is a proven and powerful skill to drive empowerment, a culture of self-development and a way to embed long-lasting learning within your team.

In this workshop, we explore the key skills and behaviours to be an effective manager and coach to take your team development and performance to the next level.

Workshop objectives

This programme will help participants to:

  • Recognise the different skills and outcomes expected from people management, mentoring and coaching.
  • Understand how to create a culture of learning and growth mindset.
  • Be equipped to implement new skills that broaden their coaching effectiveness.
  • Have broader, more effective coaching conversations with their teams and peers, having refreshed and tested new techniques and learned from each other.
  • Build a team coaching plan for immediate implementation.

Who should attend?

This practical course is suitable for new and experienced people managers who are looking to enhance their coaching and people development skills to take their team performance to the next level.


A practical, interactive, one-day session - delivered virtually or in-person, ideally for a maximum group size of 12. There are lots of different activities throughout the session where participants will work with their own team examples to practice coaching and build a coaching development plan that can be taken back to their business and implemented immediately.

Training for Purpose

The majority of the training we deliver is either tailored or completely bespoke. This workshop can therefore be delivered entirely as advertised, or it can be tailored to your requirements, or we can simply take it as a starting point for a conversation with you before we draft a completely bespoke programme for you – the choice is yours.

Expert trainer

Marie is a highly experienced commercial training and ICF certified coaching expert with over 25years experience in sales & marketing leadership, capability building and coaching within the pharmaceutical sector.

Delivering training for purpose is Marie's passion, where her aim is to engage and energise her clients, helping them to build the learning mindset, skills and behaviours required to achieve their goals at an individual, team or organisation level.

Combining her commercial knowledge with her training, mentoring and coaching skills, Marie is an agile workshop facilitator who will confidently lead delegates from apprentice to C-Suite level through a clear and memorable learning journey that can be implemented immediately with actionable success measurements when they return to their desks.

Workshop outline

1    Coaching v mentoring v management

  • Review and explore the different hats, key skills and behaviours required of an effective people manager.
  • Review and explore when to choose, management, mentoring or coaching to achieve the desired people development outcomes.

2    Growth mindset

  • Review and explore high performance team behaviours.
  • Understand personal learning styles.
  • Build development plans to achieve a team culture of growth mindset and self-coaching.

3    The GROW Model

  • Understand the 4 steps to an effective coaching conversation
  • Goal setting – What do you want to achieve?
  • Reality – what is the current situation?
  • Options - what are the potential options for development?
  • Way forward – what steps should be taken?

4    Active listening and powerful questions

  •  Explore and practice the three levels of listening.
  • ·Explore and practice appreciative questioning.
  • Practice the questioning funnel to drive clear outcomes.

5    Live coaching demonstration

  • Observation and discussion of coaching in practice

6    Peer to peer coaching practice and feedback

  • Triad coaching practice – Coach/Coachee/Observer
  • Group feedback session

7    Actionable Outcomes

  • We will use your team examples to provide opportunities for practice.
  • You will learn and reflect on best practice examples of coaching.
  • You will be equipped to apply effective coaching conversations with your team members and peers to achieve clear outcomes.
  • You will have the opportunity to observe and receive feedback on your coaching in practice.  
  • You will leave with a team coaching development plan for immediate implementation.



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