Team coaching & development - Building sustainable sales & marketing capabilities to deliver your goals

In the ever changing world of sales & marketing, the most valuable resource is your people. Investing in people development, strengthens employee engagement, retention, efficiency, profitability, your competitive edge and growth.

Leadership is critical to thrive and succeed in our vuca world. Change is the constant, anticipating events is increasingly challenging, markets and customer behaviour become more complex and a one size fits all approach just doesn't cut it anymore. 

At Red Thread Strategies, we provide 1:1 and team coaching, to help you align on your team goals and build the right mindset, behaviours and  a culture of accountability where everyone owns the plan. 

Team Leadership Coaching

Typical 6 session programme 

  1. Goal Setting 
  2. 360 feedback and values based leadership 
  3. Strengths based leadership development 
  4. Leadership in action review 
  5. Leadership progress and adjustment review 
  6. Reflection and future leadership foundations

Team Building and Coaching

Typical programmes 

  1. Team vision, charter and ways of working
  2. Growth mindset for performance
  3. Agile mindset for impact
  4. Innovation mindset for ideation
  5. Accountability culture for growth
  6. Championing diversity and inclusion

How we measure your return on investment

We know that return on investment is at the forefront of our clients minds. Measurement of change is a key step in all of our team coaching programmes and we work with you from the outset to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be measured to assess the progress of learning and impact on your business in the following months and years.  



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